This is Halloween Nail Art Challenge – October 2012

For the month of October, I’ll participating in the “This is Halloween” Nail Art Challenge by Sandra from Pretty and Polished Pointers. Unlike other challenges, this one has only 11 nail themes, which should be easier to complete than the longer challenges. Once I get used to doing shorter challenges, I may actually try out the longer ones.

Progress: 06/11
Date Started: October 01, 2012
Date Completed: In-Progress

Below are my This is Halloween” Nail Challenge designs. Click on any of those photos to go to the original post.

Horror Movies - Saw

October 1st: Horror Movies

October 5th: Water Marble
Water Marble with a French Tip

October 8th: Ghosts

October 12th: Jack-O-Lanterns
Nightly Pumpkin Glow

October 15th: Zombies
Stained with Blood

October 19th: Bats
Bats Flying in the Night Sky

October 22nd: Gradient
Black and White

October 26th: Witches

October 29th: Graveyard

October 30th: Trick or Treat!

October 31st: Recreate your favorite from another challenger


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