I love nail polish! It’s a lot of fun to experiment with various colors and designs. This blog is dedicated to nail art that I’ve done, as well as reviews of new nail polishes or tools that I’ve acquired. All images were taken by me and if not, proper credit’s given. Other than the addition of the “Rainbow Glamour” watermark, cropping, & border, all of the pictures are unedited.

For all my reviews, here’s how my rating scale work:

Overall: Out of 5

  • 1 – Poor. There’s absolutely NOTHING that’s redeemable about the polish and would get rid of it in a heartbeat. Do not recommend purchasing.
  • 2 – Below Average. I don’t like this polish that much. Has some major flaws, but has something that redeems it. Would not recommend this polish.
  • 3 – Average. It’s an okay polish. Has flaws that can’t be overlooked, though also has some redeeming qualities. May or may not repurchase.
  • 4 – Above Average. I like this nail polish a lot. Has some minor flaws to take a point away, but no. Would probably repurchase. Would recommend the polish.
  • 5 – Excellent. I love this nail polish. Has either very minor cons that can be overlooked or no cons. Would absolutely repurchase. Highly recommend the polish.

Anything that gets at least a 3, I would recommend at least trying out. One polish someone may hate, another may love. Anything with a 4 or 5, I would definitely recommend getting. Anything with a 1 or 2, I would avoid.


A subsection of this blog will be dedicated to the subscription boxes that I have subscribed to, as well as those I have purchased 1-time boxes. The rating system is the same as the one I use for rating nail polishes, so please refer to that. As for the box itself, I also have a “Box Score,” as well as a “Total Value.” Those are explained below.

Box Score: Out of 5

  • Each item is rated out of 5, then the average is taken from the number of items featured in that month’s box.
  • Some months there might be an item I can’t use in the near future, so it’ll get the neutral rating of “3”. I thought it’d be fair since if I didn’t give it any score, the overall score would be much lower as a result. I will update the score if and when I use it.

Total Value

  • It’s the total value of all of the samples featured in the box. Ideally, this value would be above the amount I paid for the box.

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